A Behind the Scenes Look at Top MOPs Leaders’ MarTech Stacks


In our recent roundtable discussion with leading MOPs leaders Naomi Liu, Jonah Cooperman, and Max Maurier, we had a fantastic conversation about how marketing operations can substantially impact business results, how to build relationships throughout the organization, and how to creatively secure budget for the martech on every marketer’s wishlist.

In addition to tips for making a business impact through marketing operations, we also took some time to learn about the top tech tools these three well-respected MOPs leaders are loving:


Jonah believes this is a great company with great tech because they offer what he refers to as “elegant solutions to difficult problems.” The problem in this scenario is there are actual human beings responding to marketing emails. Their replies range from sales requests to customer support inquiries. So how do you monitor all of this? Well, you might have a monitoring solution like a monitoring box that a human then has to go through, but that isn’t scalable or realistic.

Drift has designed a solution that automates the routing of these replies to the folks who can best respond. Users can also use the data in lead scoring or customer scoring. These responses should also be incorporated into your lead lifecycle strategy, where engagement could qualify leads to reach a deeper stage in your funnel. Finally, marketing can also leverage replies to show attribution and influence on pipeline and closed won business.


Jonah is loving LeanData’s visual router that integrates natively in Salesforce. It lets you perform audits and real-time visual tracking. It also facilitates ABM strategies by auto-converting leads to contacts and associating those contacts to the appropriate account in Salesforce to give one view into all the activity happening within an account. Plus, you can build, track, and update complex routing flows on the fly.


Jonah loves this well-known tool because of its genuine account-centric model of being able to look at targeting and gather intel on an account. The ability to take that intel, flow it down to your key targets, and send that to ad campaigns is really powerful stuff!

One of the other panelists is currently looking at Demandbase for the reasons mentioned above—the omnichannel campaign orchestration.


Max admitted it is rare for him to put what could be deemed a demand generation technology on a top 10 list but in this instance, he feels it is warranted. UserGems looks at your existing database and notifies you when contacts move companies (and supplies you their new company contact information).

In terms of directly correlating your technology spend to ROI for your sellers, this concept gives your sellers an accelerated route to market within new accounts—especially when people are moving all over the place right now. Having a champion that can be quickly identified and is a prior user from a previous account is a great solution in this space.

Stack Moxie

This is a marketing operations exclusive platform designed for automated testing and monitoring of your marketing automation or CRM. Stack Moxie made it on to Max’s top 10 list because he has found it to be a really useful tool that can test your webforms and any running automation in your marketing automation platform.

This testing is used to confirm that test or real-time records are meeting certain stages in your lifecycle, going through enrichment, and getting normalized. One of Max’s favorite features is Stack Moxie’s ability to provide a visualization of the stability of your processes over time. Previously, he never had a way to showcase how good their automation was. Now, Max is able to go to his CMO with proof they are running with a 95% reliability rate over the last 6 months (for example).


Naomi is a huge fan of the use of video and use cases—and Vidyard, specifically—throughout her organization for a variety of reasons. Traditionally, Vidyard is used to record and send videos to add a personal touch to sales emails. However, Naomi’s organization is using video for training, onboarding, how-tos, video tutorials, reiterating messaging, and more. By incorporating videos into these use cases, they have the ability to quickly respond to commonly asked questions by sharing out video content the recipient can watch on their own time. This saves a great deal of time for both parties.


Naomi is an avid user of RingLead for deduping, merging, and data normalization. Marketers always have challenges with duplicate records, and this tool takes care of cleaning up “dirty data.”

XTM Inc.

XTM Inc. is a lesser known tool that you may not have come across (yet!) For a global organization, like Naomi’s, that goes to market in a variety of languages, this tool helps them quickly and effectively translate their campaigns into 12 different languages. It also integrates seamlessly with Marketo.

The results speak for themselves on this one! Translation edits and asset builds went from taking 18-20 hours in a given week down to 1.5 hours. After the English assets are pushed into XTM, they return as translated assets in Marketo. The only manual step remaining for the team is to review and adjust copy for localization or layout tweaks.


So, whether you’re looking to dedupe your data, test your webforms, gather intel and target specific accounts, or incorporate video into your stack, there is no denying the list of tools above are specifically designed to streamline your efforts. Implementing these tools into your martech stack will help you do more in less time and increase your overall effectiveness. 

Wondering which of these amazing tools to implement at the various revenue stages of your organization? See our martech optimization article ‘The Perfect MarTech Stack, at Various Revenue Stages’.

Wondering what tech is missing from Naomi, Max, and Jonah’s stack? See the full webinar for details on their martech wishlists. Vendors and start-ups take note!

Featured Panelists:

  • Max Maurier: Senior Director – Marketing Operations, Analytics, and Growth Marketing at Druva


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A Behind the Scenes Look at Top MOPs Leaders’ MarTech Stacks

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