Accelerate Your Customer Journey Orchestration with Adobe Journey Optimizer


What is Adobe Journey Optimizer?

Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) is Adobe’s modern, omnichannel customer journey orchestration tool that provides businesses with the capability to create and execute journeys and campaigns that are personalized and data-driven. AJO enables businesses to connect customer touchpoints across different channels, devices and systems to deliver seamless, relevant, and consistent customer experiences. AJO can be implemented either as a stand-alone tool, or as an add-on application service for organizations that already utilize Adobe Experience Platform Real-Time CDP (AEP RTCDP).  

Accelerate Customer Journey Orchestration with Adobe Journey Optimizer

Leverage the data you already have

For organizations that already have AEP RTCDP configured with customer data from various sources, adopting AJO can be a straightforward choice. This is because AJO can draw directly from AEP’s Real-Time Customer Profile making it easier to create, manage, and activate journeys within AJO. In addition, AJO’s native integration with AEP means that organizations can leverage the data they have already collected and configured into schemas/datasets, reducing the time and effort required to set up journeys. Profile data and segments already configured in AEP can be used within AJO to create and personalize journeys, helping to ensure accurate and relevant interactions with customers. With just a few clicks, you can set up your AEP data source for AJO, making all profile and event data available to be used as needed in journeys and messages.

Accelerate & Create Customer Journeys

By adopting Adobe Journey Optimizer on top of AEP RTCDP, organizations can also benefit from a simplified process for activating journeys powered by the full force of your customer data. AJO operates on the same, familiar UI as AEP and can automatically access other AEP capabilities your organization may have already configured like AI/ML models and data governance labels/policies. Changes and updates to AEP schemas and datasets are also automatically available to AJO, eliminating the need for time-consuming configuration processes.

What about organizations without Adobe Real-Time CDP?

In comparison, organizations without AEP configured with customer data would need to complete additional data prep and platform configuration within AJO before being able to activate journeys. This can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, requiring significant investment in data management and platform configuration. This effort, however, would not be all in vain as the same data source ingestion and schema architecture created as part of a stand-alone AJO implementation can be automatically used as the basis for a full AEP RTCDP implementation if an organization eventually wishes to adopt a CDP.

Deliver on the customer journey orchestration promise

While Adobe Journey Optimizer can provide tremendous benefits to your business regardless of existing AEP adoption, those organizations that already possess AEP RTCDP configured with customer data sources have an incredible head-start to enable one of the best journey orchestration tools on the market.

At Shift Paradigm, we can draw on both our CDP and marketing automation resources to help you take full advantage of AJO as quickly and effectively as possible. Please contact Shift Paradigm for an assessment at


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Accelerate Your Customer Journey Orchestration with Adobe Journey Optimizer

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