Customer Data Platform (CDP) Vendor Comparison Tool


Wondering what features of a CDP your organization actually needs and more importantly, which ones you will actually use?


Using Shift Paradigm’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) Vendor Comparison Tool, you simply need to input your organization’s needs and our tool will match those needs across our matrix of the top ten CDPs currently available.

With the results of your comparison you will be able to:

  1. Easily decipher which platform features are most important to you and your organization.
  2. Track how the top 10 vendors measure up against your platform needs.
  3. Understand which CDP features are unnecessary (and costly).
  4. See which CDP offers the best customer support (pre and post sale).
  5. Comprehend which CDP delivers the most secure experience.

Find out which CDP is right for you and your organization now – download the CDP comparison tool today!

Download the guide today

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Customer Data Platform (CDP) Vendor Comparison Tool

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