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Cutting-edge teams use to Drift to drive conversational marketing. We take it to the next level, by threading this powerful tool throughout your sales & marketing ecosystem.

Harness the power of the most powerful conversational marketiing tool on the planet by adding Shift Paradigm services to Drift. From designing chat bots that convert more web traffic to building complex AI driven models that optimize the buying journey, Shift Paradigm was Drift’s first B2B agency partner and have expanded to serve both B2B as well as B2C clients on this powerful platform. Because we understand how to enable technology around the entire buyer journey, we take a unique approach to building out the ideal conversational marketing strategy to align with your business needs.

From strategy to planning to tactics, we ensure that your business outcomes are enabled by your tech stack, not hindered by it. By first defining the KPI’s critical to your business, we architect Drift and the surrounding technology ecosystem to enable those key outcomes and optics.

The result is technology that truly enables the user rather than standing in the way.

Success Story

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from some of our customers.

Shift Paradigm was the tip of the spear of our entry into the Marketo ecosystem, since then they have become an invaluable ingredient of our success.


Wherever you’re at in your journey, we have a solution tailored just for YOU.

Drift Implementation

From complex deployments with multiple integrations to pre-configured best practice packages, Shift Paradigm has the solution to fit your specific needs. Let's design the right plan to enable your modern marketing journey.

Sales Playbooks

Drift is an incredibly user-friendly solution, which often leads to a false sense of maturity. The organizations seeing the best ROI from Drift have embraced the notion of personalized playbooks which align to every stage of the buyer journey. Shift Paradigm dives deep into your Ideal Customer Profile to understand buyer and customer needs and then brings those insights to life in the form of Drift playbooks that drive growth.

Training and Certification

From frontline sellers to customer success, every step along your customer journey can be enabled on the Drift platform via customized training. Give your teams the muscle memory to drive success, not only in the Drift platform but in how to best leverage personalized playbooks that engage your best buyers.

Managed Services

Need a hand? Be it a short-term gap due to maternity/paternity leave or a longer horizon to meet high-volume campaign production, we can be the extension of your team, ensuring the lights stay on and your business continues to grow. From designing and producing playbooks to executing campaigns and rolling out major initiatives, our consultants augment your teams as though they were sitting at the next desk.

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