Learn How to Empower Your Marketing Team With the Power of AI

Find out How to Cultivate the Right Team Culture Around the Power of AI-Enablement

Embarking on this AI adventure is much like setting sail into uncharted waters. That’s why in this guide, our focus is to give you practical expertise, instill a world of insights, and help you assess your team and technology in embracing AI. Here is what you can learn:

Marketing-Specific Use Cases
We’ll share practical applications and use cases where teams can utilize AI in day-to-day operations such as content creation, predictive analytics, and how best to apply to common systems like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).
Assess Your Organizations 'Readiness' to Apply AI
Often overlooked is the assessment of whether your team possesses the capacity, capability, skills, or genuine interest to explore AI. Within this guide will provide a readiness checklist you can use to assess where you are at in your journey.
The Differences Between GenAI & Traditional AI
Understanding the differentiation is essential as you collaborate with your teams, peers, IT counterparts, and agencies to integrate AI.
Recommendations for Collaborating with IT Teams
In this guide, we cover various areas your IT team will care about when it comes to operating AI. This includes compliance laws, data governance, questionaires, and assessing your exiating stack before you buy a new platform.
Planning an AI Pilot Program
One of the key components of this guide is about giving you all the ingredients you need to plan and launch an AI pilot program within your marketing team. Inclusive of a “plan on a page” template you can use right away.