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Adobe Gold Partner with thousands of Marketo implementations and expertise to help you implement and optimize your Adobe Experience Cloud applications. Shift Paradigm specializes in advanced personalization, custom email templates, workflow, revenue operations, and customer journeys.


Whether you’re looking to drive efficiency, insight, reliability, simplicity, scale, or collaboration, we'll unlock the right Salesforce solution to empower your marketing strategies by leveraging data for informed, strategic decisions that drive growth and enhance customer experience.


AI and conversational marketing taken to the next level. Optimize your insights and increase conversions with this powerful tool throughout your sales and marketing ecosystem.


Account Based Marketing and intent signals come to life with the implementation of this tool. Garner data and insights to help form predictive insight into your next best sales action.


Collect and activate first-party data throughout the customer journey and across sessions and devices.


Connect customer data for meaningful connections with this CDP.

Working with the ShiftParadigm team has been great. I cannot say enough how valuable you guys have been to our organization. Everyone on the team is so responsive and intelligent – I’ve learned a ton from everyone we've had the fortune of working with!
Working with the ShiftParadigm team has been great. I cannot say enough how valuable you guys have been to our organization. Everyone on the team is so responsive and intelligent – I’ve learned a ton from everyone we've had the fortune of working with!

Shift Paradigm partners with Braze to power customer-centric interactions between buyers and brands in real-time, at scale. From dynamic audiences to personalized customer journeys, the next wave of Marketing Automation platforms is upon us. Braze is leading that charge to drive growth with data-driven cross-channel solutions for our clients.


Data comes in all shapes and sizes, just like your customers. Shift Paradigm leverages Selligent Marketing Cloud across our B2B and B2C clients to unleash the power of AI coupled with marketing automation platform that helps you make marketing personal by activating your data to deliver unique, highly relevant experiences to your customers at every moment of interaction, across all channels and devices.


Salesloft offers a comprehensive platform to empower your revenue teams as they execute their digital selling tasks. Combined with Shift Paradigm services, your front-line team gains access to deal-specific insights, receive coaching, and keep customers engaged – all from a single place. They call it the Modern Revenue Workspace, and Shift Paradigm has deployed this powerful solution to generate an average pipeline contribution lift of 30% or more.


Demandbase integrates the data you need for a comprehensive understanding of your accounts with the decisioning capabilities to engage the right accounts with the right message at the right time, and Shift Paradigm provides the connective tissue to make it all work. It lets your entire Account-Based Go-to-Market motion work in concert — resulting in increased visibility, fast ROI, and unlimited flexibility, even for the largest enterprises.


Your sales qualification teams are the first line of defense in your data collection and hygiene process – they have to be empowered with a tool that allows them to find the critical information that allows them to do their jobs. ZoomInfo combines data, insights, and outbound all in one powerful suite. Shift Paradigm threads ZoomInfo with best practice ABM strategy to create a powerful competitive advantage and, ultimately, more sales conversations.


Revenue Operations doesn’t always get the love it deserves, but that doesn’t make it any less critical. Shift Paradigm’s RevOps Methodology focuses on designing repeatable and efficient processes, and that means leveraging tools that scale. LeanData has been trusted a Shift Paradigm solution in some of our largest process builds.


Seismic’s ability to manage, automate and distribute sales content allows for the elimination of redundancy and mitigates the frustration from manual processes. And with Shift Paradigm’s Growth Paradigm Framework as a guide, we are able to supercharge your funnel while eliminating the creation of content for content’s sake.


What cuts through the noise? One word – video. Shift Paradigm partners with Vidyard to ensure the engagement you create with your personalized video efforts is not only measured and scored but also integrated with your MarTech stack so you can leverage those insights to influence more revenue.


Shift Paradigm’s business intelligence offerings are built on the industry-leading infrastructure of Amazon’s Redshift platform. By aggregating your customer data into a single 360-degree view, you enable a level of visibility that allows you to make critical decisions with insight and confidence.


When you’re ready to fully embrace business intelligence in order to make predictive decisions about your business, you need flexibility and clarity – Shift Paradigm leverages Tableau visualization tools on top of best-in-class tech stacks to provide both.


Marketers have been plagued by dirty and incomplete data from day one. The solution? Ensuring you have a single comprehensive view of the customer and that data is organized in a way to mine the insights necessary to make decisions with certainty. Alteryx, in the hands of Shift Paradigm, ensures that your data tell a story you can understand.


To have a conversation with your buyer, you have to create experiences that matter to them. Create engagement that cuts through the clutter. Once you’ve developed a truly aligned content and messaging strategy, you want a platform that makes that content come alive. Shift Paradigm partners with Uberflip to do just that.


Known for its enhanced flexibility, integrated delivery pipeline, security, disaster recovery, and speed of service. Shift Paradigm unlocks the power and competitive advantage of cloud architecture.


Databricks develops a web-based platform for working with Spark that provides automated cluster management and IPython-style notebooks. Partner with Shift Paradigm to get your data designed and flowing.


Transfer data into insights by leveraging your snowflake investment. Shift Paradigm helps connect and enable actionable insights while solving data problems.


Looking to move to the next level? Shift Paradigm can help optimize and architect your investment for true multi-channel marketing and personalized experiences

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