Meaningful shifts.

Measurable results.

A unique approach and fusion of offerings position us as the ideal full-service partner for any growth-focused brand.


OPTIMIZE Your Business for Growth

Accelerating growth requires sound planning with purpose, forging business strategy, go-to-market approaches, market intel and the right pillars of tech to enable it all. We develop strategies to improve customer experiences and MarTech stack performance.

Business Intelligence

  • Market Landscape Research & Intel
  • Competitive Intel
  • Market & Audience Segmentation
  • Buyer Intelligence
  • Objectives & KPI Strategy

MarTech Stack Performance

  • Tech Assessments
  • Funnel Performance
  • AI Readiness
  • Data Audits

Advanced Personalization

  • Ideal Customer Profile Composition
  • Persona Development
  • Personalization Strategies

DESIGN Proficient GTM Plans & Beloved Brand Experiences

We help you design “no-dead-end” customer journeys, modern technology architectures and effective revenue operations programs. It’s topline impact and bottomline results.

Data & Tech Architecture

  • Data Strategy & Modeling
  • MarTech Architecture 
  • Platform Selection

Revenue Operations

  • Business Process Design
  • Workflow Design
  • Sales & Revenue Process Mapping

GTM Planning

  • Channel Orchestration 
  • Content Strategy
  • GTM Blueprints
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Organizational Structure

Experience & Engagement

  • Customer Experience
  • Journey Mapping
  • Campaign Messaging & Positioning

IMPLEMENT Modern Enterprise MarTech, Data Platforms & Automation Programs

With technical experts certified in leading enterprise MarTech platforms and systems of record, we leverage tech, automation and AI for better business insights and outcomes.


  • Data Management & Harmonization
  • Platform Implementation
  • System Integration
  • Digital Products

1:1 Marketing Automation 

  • Campaign Journeys
  • Reporting & Attribution
  • Lifecycle Automation
  • Dynamic Content Distribution
  • Sales & Marketing Orchestration

OPERATE Sustainable Growth Engines that Yield Measurable ROI

Companies call on Shift to help keep their growth engine running smoothly. We have a proven track record of success in helping companies drive sustained growth through their sales, marketing and internal ops programs.

Campaign Activation

  • Marketing Execution
  • Content Production
  • Channel Deployment & Management

Managed Services

  • System Administration
  • Change Management


  • Cross-Channel Performance & Attribution
  • Customer Lifecycle Analytics
  • Sales & Pipeline Analytics
  • Operational Efficiency Metrics

Marketers are using less than 33% of their tech stacks.*

Is your MarTech stack reaching its peak potential or failing to ignite growth? Our Shift Tech Navigator™ solution surfaces risks and rewards to maximize your investment in technology, data and marketing strategies.

Partner with Shift to navigate the state of your stack for growth.

*Source: Gartner