We are Paradigm Shifters

At Shift, we know that embracing a growth mindset means if you’re not taking steps to move forward — no matter how big or small — you’re already falling behind.

Embarking on a path of growth goes beyond merely delivering products and services. Using best-in-class technology and cutting-edge business analysis, we help our clients grow by expanding offerings to fill the next white space, improving business models and solving problems to meet ever-evolving market needs.

This journey of growth is about more than just business. It’s a commitment to fostering meaningful experiences and lasting relationships with all those we serve — clients, customers, employees and partners — because we believe true growth is about the tangible impact we have on the world around us.

We shift obstacles into opportunities!

Shift has implemented, optimized, operationalized and transformed MarTech ecosystems and experiences for thousands of global B2B and B2C organizations, with results that generate revenue and improve efficiency through proven process and automation.

To help clients future-proof their businesses, we align people and processes with seamless connectivity between technology and data.


  • Over 200 employees (in offices throughout US, Canada and India)
  • 15+ years in business
  • Over 4,000 engagements (and counting)
  • Customer NPS Score 80

We SUCCEED Together

When we’re all equally invested in how our clients, peers and company perform, we all win.

We EMBRACE Challenges

When we encourage each other to take risks, think big and have an impact, we thrive in complexity.


When we ask questions, find new angles and let go of what we think we know, we learn what we need to know.

We VALUE Different Perspectives

When we have tough conversations and seek different points of view, we enhance how we approach and solve problems together.

We ENGAGE & Take Accountability

When we do what’s right and own the outcome, we deliver on our commitments.


Community Involvement

We put our heads and our hearts together to serve our communities and each other. In addition to dedicated volunteer days, we donate to causes that our team members believe in, bringing about positive change in where our teams live, work and play.

Get to Know Our Executive Team

Our leaders inform, empower, validate and guide the visions of our clients.

We’ve assembled a team like no other.

We’ve got grit and ingenuity. Passion and know-how. Experience and expertise. 

Considering a career shift? We’re always looking to meet great people who embody our cultural values.

Learn about the work we’ve done:

We’re transforming insights into action.

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