AI Made Easy: Practical Approaches To Implementing AI In Marketing

Join us to discuss practical ways to launch an AI Pilot program and practically apply it to your day-to-day operations. To learn more about this webinar, register or scroll below.

What You'll Learn in this Webinar

Beyond The Hype: applying AI Practically to Marketing

This webinar peels back the layers of all the AI buzz, presenting clear, tangible benefits and applications of AI in marketing.

Attendees will walk away understanding how AI can drive efficiency, personalization, and insights, transforming data into actionable strategies without getting caught up in the hype.

Roadmap for Integrating AI Into Your Team

We break down the process of integrating AI into marketing and technical efforts through manageable steps. From assessing readiness to measuring success, this takeaway equips attendees with a structured approach to pilot AI technologies/features, utilize AI enriched data within reporting, or anything else they imagine through a Pilot Program.

This ensures their team can confidently implement a real plan to integrating AI, with a focus on innovation and measurable outcomes, through a detailed plan on a page.

The Criticality of Data as the Foundation to Empower AI Solutions

In this crucial takeaway, we delve into the essence of how data acts as the lifeblood for AI-driven marketing innovations.

Attendees will explore strategies for not only collecting and managing data but also enriching and interpreting it to fully unlock AI’s potential.

The underscores the idea that the sophistication of AI applications hinges on the quality, diversity, and depth of the data they process, thereby encouraging a culture of data excellence as the foundation for successful AI integration.

Practical AI Applications That Have Transformed Marketing

By showcasing real-world examples and case studies, this section highlights how various AI applications, from chatbots enhancing customer service, to content creation, to branding, to predictive analytics in social media, and more, have revolutionized marketing campaigns, and it’s only just the beginning.

Attendees will gain inspiration from successes and learnings of others, sparking ideas for their AI initiatives.

Meet Your Webinar Hosts

Natasha Ness

VP of Go-To-Market Strategy at SHIFT 

Emma Warrillow

SVP of Insights & Analytics at SHIFT

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