How to Create an Experience Engine with AI & Dynamic Content

Discover how AI and dynamic content can power a personalized campaign experience engine. This webinar will delve into creating dynamic content with AI and using it to deliver a more customized customer journey. For this webinar specifically we’ll highlight how to apply this to SFMC.

What You'll Learn in this Webinar

Rev Up Your Marketing Engine With An Experience Blueprint

Learning how to design an experience blueprint to rev-up your marketing engine involves a combination of technical knowledge, creative thinking, and attention to user experience. We’ll walk you through how to approach the process in this 45-minute webinar.

Create Dynamic Content With Help From AI

AI offers a wide range of capabilities for creating dynamic content based on customer segments, behavioral data, and more. By leveraging AI-powered tools and algorithms, organizations can deliver highly personalized and engaging experiences to their audience, ultimately driving better results and satisfaction.

Drive Customer Loyalty With Personalized Experiences

Building and delivering a personalized customer experience involves understanding your customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors, and then tailoring your products, services, and interactions accordingly. We’ll walk you through less common ways to add personalization to your customers’ journey.

Meet Your Webinar Hosts

Cathy Grendus

Cathy Grendus

VP of Marketing Strategy & Planning at SHIFT

Devin Bendig

Strategist & SFMC Architect at SHIFT

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