Orchestrating Data & Technology to Create Better Experiences & Relevancy for a Nationally Recognized Arts & Culture Organization 

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Entertainment, Arts & Culture, Non-profit

Data & Tech Architecture


Winning mindshare and loyalty in the highly saturated entertainment landscape is an overwhelming premise when considering the plethora of options enthusiasts have to choose from, including live theater, streaming services, sporting events, concerts, movie releases and more. In addition to standing out in this overcrowded space, showcasing their unique offering as a deeper cultural experience is exactly what a world-renowned orchestra was prepared to tackle.


How can an incredible amount of robust first-party data be structured and organized in a way that delivers highly relevant offers about performances and events in alignment with individual tastes and preferences?


With over 150 years of rich cultural history putting on live concert performances across different genres, this non-profit orchestral organization partnered with Shift to identify ways to better organize and optimize their patron and donor data.  

The effort focused on refactoring how the data was structured so they could activate highly targeted engagement campaigns, along with finding ways to centralize and seamlessly create bi-directional integration between systems to gain a complete 360-degree view of both concertgoers and financial donor supporters.  

Through a complete, end-to-end, comprehensive audit of all the various data points the organization had, we created a matrix that outlined optimal ways to target and drive the next best action.


Breaking down the complexities and nuances of their various constituencies, we identified:

  • Concertgoers, patrons and donors
  • One-time holiday season ticket-buyers and loyal multi-concert enthusiasts
  • Chamber Symphony performances to celebrity guest musician collaborations
  • Venue preferences and concession purchase behavior propensities

The initial engagement deliverables included the following key artifacts:

  • Marketing & Communications Technology Assessment

  • Analysis of the Current Tech, Data and Patron Experience

  • End-to-End Patron Journey Map

  • Patron Journey for Post-Specialty Events

  • Future State Technology Architecture Diagram

  • Future State Use Case Mapping Based on Core Scenarios

  • 3-Year Roadmap for Technology Purchases, Data Modeling, Staffing Recommendations, Change Management Needs and Services

  • YoY ROI Modeling & Business Case for Executive Approval

  • Define KPIs & Financial Levers



24-month roadmap and budget plan for staffing, processes and technology


Projected ROI based on prioritization of 24-month roadmap 7%-10% YoY increase in annual donations, 10%-15% YoY increase performance bookings

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