Crafting a Dynamic Omnichannel Experience for Zoetis 

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Zoetis, the world’s leading animal health company, recognized that it was imperative for them to adapt to the swiftly evolving market landscape, necessitating modernization of their marketing strategies and tools. The “one-size-fits-all” approach to their email marketing campaigns proved inadequate in meeting their desired metrics and performance essential to generating leads and revenue.


How do we move from an inefficient multi-channel approach to a seamless and cohesive journey for our customers?


Shift has been instrumental in supporting the Zoetis mission of providing innovative solutions in the continuum of care for pets and animals. While we were initially engaged for email production support within Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), our partnership has since evolved into a multifaceted and transformative endeavor, from consumer insights and centralized data systems to cross-channel campaigns and organizational change management. With the introduction of a truly omnichannel engagement strategy, which included the launch of their mobile app, Zoetis has witnessed a profound evolution in its approach to customer interaction and brand connectivity.

This strategic alliance goes beyond the confines of mere email support, marking a significant shift in how the company interacts with their audience. The transformation reflects a dynamic and responsive approach to marketing, aligning with contemporary market demands and leveraging a diverse set of tools to enhance engagement, communication and overall brand impact. Our partnership has prioritized customer-centric initiatives by aligning strategies with both the organization’s and the customers’ nuanced perspectives.

Our partnership has encapsulated the following:

  • Analytics Dashboards: Introduced advanced analytics to help Zoetis better understand customer behavior and preferences.
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP) Support and Strategy: The integration of a CDP has empowered Zoetis to create a single customer view, which has led to more personalized experiences for their clients (and their pets).
  • Strategic Cross-Channel Journey Creation: Zoetis now delivers seamless customer journeys across multiple channels, enhancing brand loyalty.
  • Mobile Marketing Guidance: Shift Paradigm guided Zoetis in navigating the mobile marketing landscape, at the launch of their new mobile app.
  • Training 60+ Marketers Monthly: Data-driven marketing tactics and recipes for success are regularly facilitated by Shift for the Zoetis marketing team.




Reduction in Email Marketing Costs Due to Improved Targeting


Increase in Customer Engagement Metrics Across Channels

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