How To Take a Human Centered Approach to Your Marketing Strategy


A Customer-Centric Approach For Your Marketing Strategy

In this session, we’ll explore the power of putting your customers at the heart of your marketing plan to create a strategy that resonates.¬†We will delve into methodologies essential for surfacing valuable insights and threading those insights into common marketing channels like your website, campaigns, and more.

What You'll Learn in this Webinar

What is experience-based marketing?

Experiential marketing goes beyond traditional advertising. It’s about crafting memorable interactions that help people connect with your brand on a deeper level.

Proven techniques for VoC and VoS exercises

Effective marketing strategy hinges on understanding your audience and tailoring your approach to their needs. By implementing proven techniques for gathering VoC (Voice of Customer) and VoS (Voice of Supplier) feedback, you can glean valuable insights to inform your marketing efforts.

Practical tips for synthesizing and interpreting feedback to inform marketing strategies

Now that you have the right data from your customers, it’s time to translate these insights into actionable steps that will strengthen your marketing strategy and messaging, ultimately driving business growth.

Incremental, Quick-wins

Attendees will gain inspiration from successes and learnings of others, sparking ideas for their experience-based marketing initiatives. You’ll walk away with next-best actions you can implement immediately.

Meet Your Webinar Hosts

Natasha Ness

SVP, GTM Strategy at SH/FT

Drew Nowacoski

Drew Nowacoski

Product Strategy Lead at SH/FT

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