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Organizations often face the common challenge of connecting lead generation efforts to key business outcomes, and grapple with understanding how their technology not only facilitates but also accelerates the realization of these outcomes. This too was the case with an enterprise healthcare software organization (EMR, EHR) that designs and builds digital solutions to improve operational efficiencies for hospitals and clinics. After persistent issues from a lack of leads being generated through the complex MarTech stack, the organization partnered with Shift Paradigm to help them get a better sense of how to analyze and accelerate performance across their lead gen engine. 


 Are we utilizing the right technology to capture our lead generation and operational efficiency goals?

High-growth companies often inherit legacy systems and tech through M&A activity, as was the case with this healthcare tech company. This led to several systems duplicating processes, all working independently in separate silos. As a result, there was a need to consolidate these systems to improve efficiency and foster better data connectivity, thus accelerating growth across their entire revenue process.

Tech utilization was also a problem. Gartner states more than 66% of the average marketing tech stack is under-leveraged or not utilized at all. The lack of utilization, coupled with multiple systems having parallel feature sets, created a perfect storm of tech redundancy and complexity. This wreaked havoc on data, analytics and efficiency in campaign and web processes, ultimately negatively impacting the overall customer and employee experience.

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Enter Shift Tech Navigator.

Instead of relying on anecdotal opinions of what was working and what wasn’t, Shift Paradigm used its proprietary Tech Navigator solution to understand the full context behind which pillars of their MarTech stack were performing and what was the driving force behind quality leads.

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Based on our Tech Navigator assessment, we unearthed three key findings:

Mountain of Tech Debt

The company was sitting on millions of dollars in technology debt within marketing and sales alone, meaning they were paying for some software that wasn’t being utilized at all and other platforms where multiple features and functionality weren’t being fully optimized.

Highlighting Organic Growth

Contrary to popular belief, we were able to challenge internal anecdotal assumptions on the return of paid advertising — illustrating that organic leads were converting at a rate of 8x higher than any other channel.

Discovered a Leaky Funnel

 In addition, when quality leads were captured, the company had a significant latency issue with routing prospects to the right sales team member for nurturing and engaging efforts, leaving qualified leads stuck in the middle of the funnel with no way through.



CapEx/OpEx IT Savings

Eliminated wasted funding on dead tech and inefficient tools.


Optimized Lead Gen Spend

Shifted GTM funding from paid ($30M) to organic lead gen activation — 8x higher conversion rate.



Doubled monthly average revenue from $2M to $4M.


Real-Time Lead Management

Enhanced revenue operations so leads are matched with the right sales contact in real-time.

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