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Tech Navigator delivers 3 essential elements

5 Paradigms Evaluation Report

The 5 Paradigms Report is an in-depth analysis which measures and evaluates the core areas of your business: Revenue Operations, Marketing Strategy, Enterprise MarTech, Customer & KPI, and Business Strategy. Our proprietary scoring model maps these core areas against key growth objectives and industry best practice benchmarks, revealing disparities and presenting a clear roadmap for innovation and improvement. These invaluable insights act as a guide, paving the way for enhanced growth and efficiency within your business.

  • Company Pulse Survey: Analysis to gauge organizational sentiments and requirements within your operation, offering insights into the overall climate.
  • NorthStar Workshop: Immersive session aimed at identifying and aligning organizational goals, providing a clear vision and direction for your business’s future.
  • Current Technology Diagram: Visual representation of the present technological landscape of your business, showcasing existing systems, integration points, gaps and overall structures.
  • Current Data Source Map: Comprehensive outline of current data sources, aiding in understanding data origins and dependencies.
  • 5 Paradigms Gap Analysis: Evaluation tool highlighting discrepancies between existing paradigms, pinpointing opportunities for improvement and innovation.
  • Use Case Mapping: Also known as an experience blueprint, a strategic mapping across people, process and technology, within key scenarios where your products or services create the most value or have the greatest friction points today.
  • Next Best Actions: Actionable recommendations for immediate implementation to enhance efficiency or address critical pain points within your business.
  • Immediate Growth Levers: Highlight of opportunities for expansion or development within your business environment.

MarTech360 Tech & Data Inventory Tool

MarTech360 is an interactive portal designed to provide a holistic view of your MarTech landscape, offering insights into gaps and untapped opportunities within your technology stack. This tool unveils a Stack Insights Dashboard, serving as your command center for:

  • Tech Inventory Portal: Detailed repository showcasing your existing tech, owners, users, features, active and inactive integrations, priorities and processes related to the tools and more.
  • Data Sources: Listing of key data sources across core technologies. This can be used as a data dictionary for marketing and IT to best align on ways to leverage key customer data in personalized marketing and beyond.
  • Integration Gaps: Comprehensive overview of integrations within your MarTech stack, pinpointing integration strengths and areas needing enhancement.
  • Capability Details & Gaps: Analysis of your tech capabilities, highlighting strengths and identifying areas for growth and optimization. This serves as a great blueprint for teams to know where either further enablement is needed or what may need to be deprecated / overhauled within the stack.

MarTech360 empowers you with a 360-degree perspective of your MarTech ecosystem, enabling informed decision-making and strategic enhancements to maximize efficiency and exploit growth opportunities within your business.

Strategic Growth Playbook

Once we’ve inventoried and analyzed your current state, we’ll create a tailored Strategic Growth plan which serves as your Blueprint and Playbook for growth. This actionable plan weaves insights derived from both MarTech360 and the 5 Paradigms Evaluation Report into a comprehensive playbook containing the following:

  • Action Plan for Each Evaluated Area: Granular strategy addressing evaluated areas, ensuring a targeted approach towards improvements.
  • ROI Business Case & Model: Robust and substantiated business case outlining the return on investment, providing a clear model for financial justification and decision-making.
  • Recommended Tech Architecture Design: Integrated technology stack diagram that will allow you to scale effectively over the next 2-10 years depending on your unique needs.
  • Prioritized YoY Roadmap: Year-on-year roadmap prioritizing key milestones and initiatives.
  • Plan for Change Management & Adoption: Strategies to facilitate seamless adoption and integration of proposed changes, ensuring organizational readiness and success.
  • Budgeting Plan for Tech & Staffing: Detailed budget plan accounting for tech and staffing investments required to effectively execute the outlined strategies.
  • Executive Summary: Concise yet comprehensive overview encapsulating the playbook’s essence and strategic directions for executive alignment.

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