Personalization at Scale: A One-Way Ticket to Success for a Travel Rewards Credit Card

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Prior to working with Shift Paradigm, the communication strategy for the Travel Rewards division of a globally recognized credit card financial services brand would have been best characterized by their sporadic emails and generic “one-size-fits-all” approach to engaging with over 1 million valued cardholders. Given the wealth of cardholder behavioral data the company had at its disposal, they were missing out on leveraging this incredibly rich customer insight and first-party data for hyper-targeting with preference-based messaging.


How do we better target our member-based cardholders with highly relevant communications and offers?


Through the strategic utilization of first-party data and algorithmic targeting, we ushered in a new era of personalized outreach that caters meticulously to the diverse needs of both their current loyalty cardholders and prospective cardholders.

This innovative and individualized email program went well beyond the limitations of a traditional approach. By tapping into the nuances of each customer’s unique preferences (and in anticipation of their upcoming travel plans), our tailored 1:1 personalized messaging aligned seamlessly with each cardholder’s distinct journey stage.

Whether their cardholders are planning their annual spring breaks in the vibrant city of Miami or embarking on unforgettable safari adventures in the Serengeti, our hyper-relevant content and exclusive offers are designed to not only meet but exceed their expectations. From itinerary and trip booking to utilizing the card for travel-related purchases (hotels of interest, restaurant recommendations, excursions and more), the new email program effectively anticipates and fulfills cardholder desires at every step of their travel experiences.



Lift in Overall Engagement


Click-Through Rate Increase


Lift in Open Rates


Increase in Travel/Trip Bookings

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