How Marketo & 6sense Enable Data Fluidity & Drive Impact

By Hannah Wilson

Published on 14 Mar, 2024

Are you hoping to unlock the full potential of your marketing strategy? Good news! You might already have a powerhouse combination in your MarTech stack – Marketo and 6sense. Separately, Marketo and 6sense are powerful tools, but when combined, these tools create a powerhouse of data fluidity and in turn help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

What is data fluidity? Data fluidity is an approach to data that focuses on making accurate data accessible where and when it is needed (through the appropriate technology and processes), making it truly actionable. It enables companies like yours to provide customers with a frictionless experience and equips your organization with deep customer insight; it makes customer centric thinking and action possible.

When your systems are talking, you achieve real ROI. 

Not familiar with Marketo or 6sense? Marketo is a marketing automation platform, and is a premier lead management tool that equips marketers with real-time data on their customer database. While 6sense is a powerful tool that uses predictive analytics to provide information on what your customers are searching for and where they are in their buying journey. 

Here are some common sales & marketing use cases highlighting the power both Marketo & 6sense bring to revenue teams when threaded together.

Strategically Target Better

In 6sense, you can build your ideal customer profile (ICP) to determine the audience you wish to target. This allows you to better understand where your prospects are in their buying journey, what they’re searching for, and who the decision makers are within the organization. 

When 6sense and Marketo are synced, you can use that ICP to build segments within your Marketo database that align with your defined audience attributes. This allows you to build dynamic content in Marketo–meaning your personalization just got even more personalized. You can now customize email modules based on target contacts to ensure you’re getting the right message to the right person.

Score More Effectively

Create hot lead, warm lead scoring mechanisms using the collective power of 6sense and Marketo build a more account-centric, realistic scoring model that is constantly listening to intent signals, blended with demographic and behavioral scoring that allows contacts to be prioritized more artfully and predictably.

Your sales and marketing teams can then work together on how to surround prospects in each stage of your buying funnel to ensure your brand is top-of-mind during their purchasing decisions.

Create Sales Agility

When connecting Marketo to 6sense, the lead escalation process is amplified.

By getting real-time updates, you can set weekly or daily downloads of your target accounts, so you know who’s looking to buy as soon as possible. This saves your sales team countless hours of prospecting by feeding you up-to-date information on who to reach out to immediately, thus improving your closed-won deal chances. 

Pro tip: Set up webhooks and simple integrations in Marketo to sync with tools like Salesforce, Slack, and more for immediate updates.

Automate Intent-Based Experiences

When launching a nurture stream in Marketo, you can easily tie stages within 6sense to the stages of the nurture program, enabling lifecycle synergy between all systems.

Not only that, you can tie intent-based advertising campaigns within 6sense
to Marketo programs to effectively score all touches, track cost per program, apply additional assets like emails, landing pages, and report & score holistically on marketing activities.

Wrapping Up

With Marketo’s powerful marketing automation tools seamlessly integrated with 6sense’s predictive analytics, the result is data fluidity that fuels smarter decision-making and more personalized experiences for customers at scale.

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Written By Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson is currently the GTM Marketing Manager at Shift Paradigm. With over 5 years of hands-on experience, Hannah has cultivated a diverse skill set that extends across the marketing spectrum. From crafting content to implementing data-driven strategies in tools like Marketo, Salesloft, and Drift, she has consistently delivered results for Shift Paradigm. In and out of the office, Hannah embodies the spirit of a modern marketing professional, combining industry expertise with a commitment to continuous learning and growth. When's she's not at work, you can find her binging TV shows at a record pace.
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