From Lead to Install: Powering a Fully Connected B2B Dealer Program 

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Sunnova, a leading national adaptive energy company known for its innovative solar solutions, faced a bottleneck in their rapid growth. Struggling to keep pace with the sheer volume of customer proposals they needed to generate, the missing piece for Sunnova was an integrated platform that supported their dealers throughout their sales process and installation.

Providing a proposal might seem straightforward, but Sunnova’s use case involved complexities with security, customization, and iteration speed. Their existing platform hindered efficiency with a cumbersome interface and fragmented data, requiring dealers to search for pertinent information on other channels. Ultimately creating delays in the quoting process and hindering Sunnova’s ability to convert leads and scale their growth effectively.


How can Sunnova leverage data integration to create a more efficient and user-friendly dealer experience that supports faster quote generation and brings the power of solar to more homes?


The Simplified Quoting Tool (SQT) was born from the immediate need for a better proposal, now allowing dealers to be able to generate a fully automated solar design in a matter of seconds.

A purpose built proposal experience

The most important artifact to the Sunnova team centered on the proposal experience, as their previous proposal system was insecure PDF documents that didn’t actively update with pricing changes or product reconfigurations. 

With the goal of a top-tier experience in mind, our development and design team disassembled and reassembled every step of the data-gathering process to be digestible and hyper-focused. The resulting proposal includes a customized depiction of a prospect’s home with the solar system and is actively updated with pricing or product adjustments.

Getting in a dealer’s mind

The dealers needed a way to quickly view and manage the status of all of their system installs from initial contract to final deployment. We created a customizable dashboard that displays the right data to the right user all in real time. Aligning with a dealer’s workflow and objectives to quickly identify leads and project tasks.

To address the notable pain point of disparate reporting and sales tracking, we designed a card-based system to bubble up high-level sales data. This unique methodology takes cues from leading CRMs and project tracking software and melds them into a superior tool that has been adopted in other teams throughout Sunnova because of its ease of use and insights.



Increase of Their Customer Base


Quarter Goal of Proposals Created


Quarter Goal of Contracts Signed

While these numbers tell one part of the story, this success created a shared ownership model with the client. Though we led and delivered for all design and development, we partnered with Sunnova’s own developers to do so. This went a step beyond the traditional client-agency relationship and resulted in a larger workforce tracking towards the same goal  

Our unique workflow with Sunnova minimized disruptions for the sales team. SQT was built side-by-side with Sunnova’s previous platform so dealers could continue to use the system while the new platform iteratively gained new features. 

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