Advanced 6sense Insights For ABM Success

By Shift Paradigm

Published on 29 Jan, 2024

6sense is a powerful tool that uses predictive analytics to provide information on what your customers are searching for and where they are in their buying journey. With access to this valuable data, you’re better able to understand your customer buying journey and how to replicate your closed won deals for future, faster revenue. 

6sense has many great features, including firmographic and technographic signals, model metrics reports, account behavior reports, account profile fit, and more to help you build out your customer behavior data. These are just a few of the basics that the tool offers. There are many different ways to utilize your 6sense instance for even more organizational growth.

Over the years, we’ve seen many instances of organizations not leveraging this tool to its full potential and using only a small percentage of the tool’s total capabilities. 

With marketing budgets being cut, it’s imperative that marketers are fully optimizing every MarTech tool in their arsenal to ensure they’re contributing to the organization’s bottom line. 

Here are some strategies our clients have used to squeeze more ROI out of their 6sense platform:

Prospects’ SaaS Licenses Deep Dive

6sense uses enrichment data to determine which SaaS licenses organizations have in place. If you are not already leveraging a technographic tool like ZoomInfo or BuiltWith (or currently are but are looking to reduce tech), use 6sense to better understand the existing tech stacks of your prospect. Pro tip: Start with your key accounts first. 

Optimize PPC/SEM Campaigns And/Or SEO

Compare keywords you’re using for PPC and/or SEO with 6sense intent keywords top prospects (or top customers!) are searching for. You can source relevant new keywords to target this way or cut keywords that may not be relevant to desired audiences. Potential outcomes: More efficient PPC spend, improved search engine rankings, and more qualified traffic.

Automated Slack Or Email Alerts For 6QAs

Set up internal email alerts or Slack notifications when an account becomes a 6sense Qualified Account (6QA, showing high intent and fit). One notification goes to Business Development Representatives (BDRs), prompting them to prospect any missing personas in the buying committee. Another notification goes to Account Executives (AEs), prompting them to reach out to the most engaged prospect at the account that is on the buying committee. You can also build a dashboard for BDRs/AEs to check regularly and perform these tasks.


Set Up Automated Nurture Segments That Feed Into Your MAP 

You can build segments in 6sense that will directly integrate with a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). For example, when a company in our target account list has Marketo added to their tech stack, we created a campaign to automatically add a contact to our Marketo webinar nurture campaign via a smart list. 

Sync 6QAs To Salesforce Contact Data

For marketing, a way to add quick value is to sync the Salesforce Account 6QA field (true/false) in 6sense with Contact records via a formula field in Salesforce. Then, you can sync the Contact field with Marketo and drive your bottom-of-funnel marketing nurtures to these prospects. That way, for any account that reaches 6QA status, all the related contacts (or a subset) get marketing campaigns personalized for high intent/fit prospects.

Enhanced Lead Scoring With Your MAP

Lead scoring is a common strategy to identify your prospects that are most likely to buy. Because 6sense uses predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), they are able to determine predictive lead scores. This allows you to identify prospects that are in your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) without having them in your pipeline. By feeding these 6sense predictive insights into a tool like Marketo, you can refine lead scoring and prioritize high value prospects.

Wrapping Up

6sense is a powerful tool that is getting even smarter with the widespread adoption of AI. If you are a 6sense user, these recommendations will help you leverage the technology you already have and better understand your current and prospective customers. 

Are you currently using 6sense and want to learn how you can better utilize the tool? Contact us–we have dozens of 6sense certified experts ready to help.

Written By Shift Paradigm

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