Copywriting & Messaging

The Pros and Cons of Using ChatGPT to Generate Marketing Content

The term ‘artificial intelligence’ was first coined by John McCarthy in 1956, but thanks to 

Customer Marketing

How to Conduct the Perfect Customer Visit

Customers are the lifeblood of any organization. Whether you have the ability to meet with them face-to-face, or are ...

Competitive Intelligence

How to Sell (and Buy) B2B SaaS

Key takeaways from the ‘

Customer Marketing

What’s Next in 2023? Here’s a Roundup of Predictions From our Team

As we find ourselves thigh-deep in the last quarter of the year, it’s wise to look ahead and consider what comes ...

Compliance & Deliverability

Buyer Trust: The Overlooked Factor in Deliverability

When you discover that your email messages are going to your subscribers’ spam folders, you’re probably going to blame the ISPs first. After all, ...

Customer lifecycle

Customer Lifetime Value – Putting a Price on Profit Potential

Take a look at your current customers. How well do you understand their value? Do you know how much revenue they ...

Compliance & Deliverability

Double Opt-in: Increase Your Email Deliverability and Open Rates

When it comes to email marketing, companies and organizations have a choice to make: Should they use double opt-in or ...

Compliance & Deliverability

Is Your Reputation Impacting Your Email Deliverability?

Your reputation matters. As a business owner, you know that your reputation is important, and when it comes to ...

Customer Marketing

3 Step Email Audit Checklist

In the hustle and bustle of campaign planning, creation, and execution, it’s easy to lose track of all the moving parts of your 

Campaign Performance

Driving Email Marketing Innovation

In the hustle and bustle of campaign planning, creation, and execution, it’s easy to lose track of all the moving parts of your 

Compliance & Deliverability

Email Authentication: What Is It and How Does It Impact Deliverability?

A large part of email deliverability comes down to taking every available precaution to prevent spam filters and ...

Customer Marketing

Data & Customer Experience Shifts Required for B2B Success

In recent years, most B2B organizations have invested more into consulting and technology, to the tune of $82 billion ...


The path to unlocking your email program’s full potential

Email-centric marketing leaders carry the weight of ensuring email programs operate effectively and efficiently, but ...

Account-Based Experience

How to leverage partners for ABM success

What if you could double down on your

Compliance & Deliverability

10 Steps for Adjusting to CCPA

With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) into effect as of January 2020, you may be wondering how to adjust. ...

Sales Enablement

The Secret to Sales-Enabled Marketing Campaigns: RACI

Marketers often struggle to effectively collaborate with sales in marketing campaigns. Despite the ego of many ...

Compliance & Deliverability

The Importance of Separating Marketing and Transactional Emails

This article originally authored by Scott ...

Customer Marketing

Customer Marketing Framework: A Blueprint for Success

The benefits of customer retention and cross-sell/upsell are well-documented. For instance, common principles like ...

Compliance & Deliverability

Why Should You Care About Inbox Clipping?

Inbox clipping occurs when an email sent to a Gmail domain is larger than 102KBGmail will “clip” or truncate the ...

Customer Marketing

Email for Marketplace Businesses

Your customers have a complex relationship with your brand. To borrow a phrase from the Beatles, it’s more like a ...

Customer Marketing

The Case For Co-Marketing

Are you having trouble expanding your market reach to new customers? Are you trying to break into an entirely new ...

Compliance & Deliverability

What you need to know about the Consumer Data Protection Act

Jan. 1, 2023 – Put this date in your calendar, and circle it in red. On this day, the second major state law ...

Reporting & Dashboards

Making Data Memorable with Storytelling

Marketing analysts work hard to gather and analyze data, generate insights, and find various impactful ways to ...

Digital Asset Creation

AMPscript Pitfalls to Avoid in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Originally authored by

Testing & Optimization

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Email Open Rates May Be Falling

Open rates are sometimes called vanity metrics. With Apple’s recent privacy update, their validity is being called ...

Setup & Development

Dedicated vs Shared IP | How They Affect Email Deliverability

What is the difference between a dedicated IP and shared IP regarding email deliverability? How do we decide which ...

Compliance & Deliverability

Blacklists or Blocklists Every B2B Enterprise Email Marketer Should Avoid

Being blacklisted or blocklisted causes major issues for one’s sending

Compliance & Deliverability

Soft Bounce vs Hard Bounce: What’s the Difference?

You’ve heard of an email bounce, but you might be wondering: what does it mean when an email bounces? ...

Campaign Performance

Email Subject Lines: How to Convert with the C.U.R.V.E. Method

Writing email subject lines can be either:

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