An Overview: Revenue Process

Take a moment and think of one daily activity and all of the decision points, people and processes involved in making ...


The Role Of The Data Champion – Creating Enthusiasm For Data Across Your Organization

Data is nothing without ...


Quiz: Is Your Tech Stack Optimized for ROI?


Universal Analytics to be Replaced by Google Analytics 4: Here’s How to Prepare

If Universal Analytics (UA) has been your go-to source of data collection for web-based analytics, you’re in for ...


Transform Your Business With a CDP

One of the hot topics in marketing technology today is the customer data platform (CDP).


Today’s Hottest Marketing Terms, Decoded

Do you ever feel like your marketing team is speaking Greek – or maybe Klingon? As trust-inducing as it might ...


The path to unlocking your email program’s full potential

Email-centric marketing leaders carry the weight of ensuring email programs operate effectively and efficiently, but ...

Data Strategy & Design

Understanding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-party data for marketing success

The 360-degree view of a customer continues to be the crowning glory for modern marketing organizations and the ...


Trendline Interactive and LeadMD Form Shift Paradigm

Shift Paradigm is hosting a series of partner events to help marketers understand and resolve the invisible problems that stifle growth.

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