Unlocking the Power of Innovation: Discover the Latest Enhancements to Marketo Engage in 2024

By Scott MacGregor

Published on 31 May, 2024

With everything Marketers have on their plates these days, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with new features in SaaS platforms, and using them within existing processes can be even more challenging. Closing out of a pop-up notification or not paying as close attention as you should  to the in-platform ‘What’s New’ ribbon could have you missing out on new key features within Adobe Marketo Engage that could make your life as a Marketer easier in the long run.

Adobe Marketo Engage has released several new impactful features in 2024, promising to transform the way businesses engage with their customers. From enhancement to Dynamic Chat and Interactive Webinars to more technical REST API improvements, these features are designed to empower marketing professionals and drive critical business growth, and in some instances reduce the number of additional platforms required to get the job done effectively

Marketo has committed to shipping six releases in 2024, with the January, March, and April releases already available.

Below is our list of the new and notable Marketo features released so far this year and our team of dedicated Marketo experts have shortlisted these features to highlight which we find most compelling and the use cases that align best.

Interactive Webinars (On-Demand) – January 2024

Adobe Marketo continues to enhance the integrated Webinar platform offering (powered by Adobe Connect) with expanded support for On-Demand Webinars. As marketing practitioners know that engagement is often higher with On-Demand Webinars, Adobe Marketo has released new features and functionalities to support. Enhanced reporting with new dashboard elements specific to On-Demand engagement as well as the release of a new “Event Mode” constraint for Live vs On-Demand activities. In addition the ability to add external (non-Marketo users) to Webinar teams has been released.

Marketers can use these features to better understand engagement (reporting), improve the customer experience, and segment by webinar engagement type of viewing for scoring enhancements or additional operational flows. Adding external users reduces the gap between non-integrated webinar providers.

Dynamic Chat (Conversational Form – Flow Logic ) – March 2024

Enhancements to the Dynamic Chat offering to enable conversational flow logic to Marketo forms. Cookies visitors to the form can now be segmented and targeted for Chat sessions based on field value filters. 

Marketers are now enabled to better target users with this feature and design improved conversational flows for better user experiences leading to greater engagement. This feature brings the integrated Dynamic Chat offering closer to non-integrated services such as Drift or Intercom.

Activities API – April 2024

In this release a significant improvement to the Marketo REST API provides for extended capabilities for returning full sets of metadata related to web and email based activities. REST API retrieved activities will now include browser, platform, device and user agent data. 

This enhancement extends the REST API to include all Activities data captured within the native platform – and will provide greater breadth and functional capabilities for technical teams leveraging the Marketo API.

New Role Permissions – April 2024

Also released in April ‘24, Marketo admins can now control access to specific features with more control over Audit trails as well as others not previously controlled in specific Role settings – including access to the new experience UI, Adobe Experience Manager, Predictive Audiences and others.

So far this year the first three release cycles from Adobe Marketo have been significant and demonstrate their commitment to ongoing enhancements to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. At SH/FT our team of Marketo experts look forward to seeing what future enhancements the Adobe team delivers to the market, and as always, we will continue to showcase these new features to our clients to ensure they are getting the most value from their investment. To ensure you stay ahead of the curve and maximize your benefits, we’re committed to helping you exceed the industry benchmark of a 28% feature adoption rate by providing tailored support and guidance every step of the way. 

Whether it’s understanding what these new releases mean for you and your org, mastering automation workflows or leveraging advanced features, our SH/FT bi-weekly Marketo Office Hours are designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your marketing efforts. Bring your questions and join us for an upcoming interactive session. Can’t wait until the next Marketo Office Hours? Drop us a line anytime and we’ll ensure you’re set up for success with your marketing automation platform.

Written By Scott MacGregor

Scott is a Strategist, Technology Operations with more than 15 years experience focussed at the emerging intersection of data, technology and marketing. Areas of expertise include revenue and marketing operations, demand generation and strategy development. Dedicated to driving revenue growth and operational efficiencies utilizing Marketing Technology platforms to their fullest potential with a creative solutions.
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