How to use Marketo Email Insights for Email Reporting Success


Email marketing is an essential part of an organization’s marketing strategy. Even more important are the metrics behind your email campaigns. The problem is most analytics stop at the open and click reports without providing much detail into the actual ROI of the send. This makes it hard for marketers to glean meaningful insights and make constructive decisions. 

The Marketo Email Insights tool is a powerful tool that takes your email reporting a step further than Marketo’s traditional program reports. Through agile reporting, marketers can better understand their email programs and provide actionable insights to drive revenue through their email channels. 

This article will explain the benefits of Marketo Email Insights and how to optimize the tool for more efficient reporting. 

Valuable Insights, Better Results

Every Marketo user has access to Marketo Email Insights. It is not a paid subscription add-on to your account. Therefore, every Marketo user should often refer to their Marketo Email Insights tool to review their campaign performance. Email Insights encompasses all types of emails you can send. From operational programs to Marketo Sales Insights emails, you can view all the data in one place and compare performance for each. 

When it comes to typical performance reports within specific Marketo programs, you have several options to choose from. From Email Link Performance to Company Web Activity, program reports allow you to evaluate your campaigns as they are launched. Marketo Email Insights will enable you to take your reporting one step further and add comparison filters to view all sends over a specified date range. 

There are two sections of Marketo Email Insights; an Analytics section, where you have graphical and numerical representations of your performance, and a Sends section, where you can see delivery, engagement, and performance metrics. You can view metrics quickly and compare them over time in these views.

Comprehensive Data And Visualizations Via The Analytics Dashboard

Marketo Email Insights allows you to take your reporting one step further by adding objects like Custom Dimensions. This filter utilizes your created segments to determine who engages with your content. You can view these dimensions in the Analytics view of your Email Insights dashboard. Just like you can only have 20 segments at a time in your Marketo database, you are only allowed ten custom dimensions in Email Insights. 

Utilize custom dimensions like different product lines within your company, lead source, lead company size, and more to segment your reports and view specific objects. This provides targeted reporting to help you better understand your email performance and whether your content resonates with those audiences.

Program Tags are also a benefit of the Insights tool. You can filter your sends by channel type, region, email type, or business unit, to name a few. This allows you to dig in even deeper to see the performance of your chosen category. 

For example, you can tag your programs with channel types, such as live events, nurture streams, or webinars. By filtering your program tags, you can see how an entire channel is performing in the dashboard and make informed decisions to maximize program success. 

Metrics That Matter In The Sends Dashboard

Email delivery is crucial to email marketing, as it dictates who receives an email in their inbox, whose email bounces, and who receives your email in their spam folder. Although 100% email deliverability is recommended, you should aim for 90% or above inbox placement. 

Email engagement metrics are your vanity metrics. This is where you’ll see open rates, clicks, and unsubscribes. This section is essential when it comes to email testing. These metrics tell you how appealing your subject line is based on your number of opens, how persuasive your email copy is by your click rate, and how relevant your content is based on the number of unsubscribes you receive. Benchmarks for these numbers vary, as there are several factors at play. But an all-in-one view allows you to decide how to improve your campaigns going forward to drive ROI.

Last is your engagement score. This score is calculated 72 hours after an email is sent, so don’t worry if you don’t receive a score immediately. It’s based on an Adobe algorithm that factors in engaged behavior (your engagement metrics) and disengaged behavior (unsubscribes). If your score is below 50, you’ll need to reevaluate your campaign to drive higher engagement. 

Tool Summary

Marketo Email Insights is a valuable tool in your Marketo arsenal. Using the available data, you can make informed decisions about your email campaigns. You should review the dashboard weekly to get the most out of your Insights tool. This allows you to track patterns within your campaigns. A monthly review is also recommended to watch performance across multiple campaign types. 

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How to use Marketo Email Insights for Email Reporting Success

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