Adobe Summit 2024: Transforming Customer Experiences with AI

By Isaac Ferreira

Published on 3 Apr, 2024

This year, Adobe Summit attracted over 10,000 attendees to Las Vegas for its annual celebration of all things Adobe. And while I’m certain a number of bets were placed during the week, none were as big as Adobe’s investment in Generative AI.

While 2023 was the breakout year for Gen-AI, with the advancements that Adobe is making with centering its technology around AI, it’s clear that was just the beginning. The speed of change and the evolution of product capabilities signal that AI has the capability of helping marketers solve complex marketing processes instead of just image or text generation. 

Enabling true personalization at scale with AI 

It’s not news that customers continue to demand a consistent personalized experience across all touchpoints with a brand. Failure to deliver this level of personalization can leave organizations lagging behind in today’s competitive landscape, especially with the rapid advancements in AI technology. Adobe is clearly investing in helping organizations meet these expectations by offering tools like the upcoming Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant, ensuring that marketers can rapidly develop multi-channel campaigns that deliver the right content, to the right user, at the right time. 

Imagine having a virtual assistant that troubleshoots complex workflows, automates tedious data engineering pipelines, and simulates journey performance—all while speaking the language of your data. With the AI Assistant, businesses gain a unified view of their customers’ data across every channel, enabling precise segmentation and personalized experiences. This tool not only answers your technical questions about Experience Cloud apps but also automates tasks, fetches performance data, and compiles audiences for targeted promotions. It’s like having a data-savvy sidekick to empower marketers to create impactful campaigns seamlessly across all channels.

AI is solving the Content Crisis

Marketers continue to face mounting pressure for branded, personalized content at scale while also managing costs effectively. While AI offers the promise of scalable content creation, it has also raised concerns among marketers about ensuring that the quality of content meets brand standards. 

Adobe announced Adobe GenStudio, a generative AI-first product for marketers to quickly plan, create, manage, activate and measure on-brand content. With integrations across Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud, it allows users to seamlessly extend the application to all parts of their content supply chain and enhance governance of brand standards, all while maintaining depth.

Gen Studio serves as an end-to-end solution for marketers to tailor their content to different channels and audience segments. Additionally, it offers analytics on campaign performance, empowering marketers to make informed decisions and optimize future campaigns using AI-generated insights.

Some non—AI related announcements 

It’d be easy to talk solely about the investment Adobe is making in AI, but it’s important to note a few other key announcements. These not only empower marketers to leverage data for a 360-degree view of their customers but also position them to fully capitalize on the AI developments mentioned above.

  1. Federated Audience Composition – This much-needed solution empowers marketers to leverage high-value data stored in enterprise data warehouses, seamlessly integrating it into customer experience workflows without the need to move or duplicate data within Adobe applications. In essence, Adobe is allowing customers to retain their data within platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Snowflake, while effortlessly tapping into the intelligence of Adobe Real-Time CDP and Adobe Journey Optimizer. This composability feature not only streamlines the work for marketers but also ensures adherence to data security, quality and administration controls.
  2. Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) Collaboration – In response to the problems arising as we head into this cookieless era, Adobe is investing in evolving the value of CDP data. Adobe Real-Time CDP Collaboration supercharges first-party data by extending it across more channels and platforms while honoring consumer consent and preferences. Marketers can discover and reach high-value audiences, activate campaigns and measure advertising effectiveness all without the need for third-party cookies. This coupled with the federated audience composition announcement, Adobe is ensuring better customer experiences with optimized, near real-time activation across channels.

  3. B2B Businesses may now benefit from Adobe Journey Optimizer  – This addition to the product is much needed with more B2B growth teams shifting to an ABM approach. With the ability to focus on account-specific buying-group journey orchestration, marketing and sales teams can seamlessly collaborate throughout the often extended B2B revenue cycle. Fostering alignment and driving more targeted engagement with key accounts.

Final thoughts

While these highlights only scratch the surface of the wealth of information presented at Adobe Summit 2024, they signify promising advancements in the ability for organizations to provide personalized experiences at scale. At SH/FT we take pride in helping our customers solve their complex problems with technology. Adding Generative AI to an organization’s MarTech stack, marketers can create content at scale, streamline everyday tasks, extract insights from multiple data sources, all with the end goal of providing customers with 1:1 personalized experiences.

The SH/FT team is dedicated to helping our customers provide personalized digital experiences across all channels. If you’re eager to see how you can implement the exciting announcements from last week within your organization, talk to SH/FT today.

Written By Isaac Ferreira

Isaac Ferreira is the VP, Enterprise Technology Strategy & Design at Shift Paradigm, leading his team in developing innovative revenue ecosystem technology solutions and strategies to enable massive growth for diverse companies. With over 23 years of experience in various verticals, including IT, marketing, and manufacturing, Isaac has served in different roles, from programmer to CTO. He is passionate about technology-enabled growth and goal recognition and enjoys aligning boards and executive teams around growth strategies. In his private life, Isaac is a dedicated family man who enjoys playing his guitar, outdoor activities, fitness, and gaming.
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