Audience Intelligence

Adobe Experience Platform Real-Time CDP: Digital Data Ingestion

From capturing cart abandonment and browsing interests to tracking newsletter sign-ups, an organization must ...

Campaign Performance

The Value of Implementing an Email Preference Center

B2B and B2C Marketers have been using email marketing as an essential and proven tool for their brand to effectively ...

Brand Strategy

How to Incorporate SMS into Your Marketing Strategy

SMS (Short Message Service) can ...

Campaign Strategy Development

Accelerate Your Customer Journey Orchestration with Adobe Journey Optimizer

Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) is ...

Customer lifecycle

How to Choose Between AJO, Marketo, and Adobe Campaign

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the endless marketing automation options out there? As the world of

Customer lifecycle

Breaking Down Technical and Organizational Silos with Adobe Journey Optimizer

Understanding customer behavior,

Customer lifecycle

New Braze Early Access Features We Love 2023

Shift Paradigm’s Technology Operations Strategist, Michael Helfin is back with more exciting news on the ...

Campaign Performance

Journey Orchestration: 6 Ways Adobe Journey Optimizer Helps Your Company

For businesses looking to create and manage more personalized experiences with their customers there are numerous marketing journey orchestration ...

Customer lifecycle

The Quick and Dirty of the Marketo Lead Lifecycle

Marketing terms evolve quickly and without any governing body to help organize, vet and evangelize for them. The ...

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