Data Strategy & Design

Data Hygiene and Why it Matters

Your marketing efforts are only as strong as the quality of your data, and with marketing budgets tightening up, it ...

Competitive Intelligence

How to Sell (and Buy) B2B SaaS

Key takeaways from the ‘

Customer Marketing

What’s Next in 2023? Here’s a Roundup of Predictions From our Team

As we find ourselves thigh-deep in the last quarter of the year, it’s wise to look ahead and consider what comes ...

Marketing Performance Management

Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and the C-Suite

The role of marketing is changing. To be successful, marketing leaders must be able to adapt and evolve with the ...

Organizational Design

Decentralized Marketing and the COE That Holds it Together

As businesses go through acquisitions/mergers and look to expand into new markets, often the organization shifts ...

Customer Data Platform Implementation

10 Questions You Need to Ask CDP Vendors

When it comes to Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), many B2B organizations have more questions than answers. While most ...

Customer lifecycle

Customer Lifetime Value – Putting a Price on Profit Potential

Take a look at your current customers. How well do you understand their value? Do you know how much revenue they ...

Customer lifecycle

How to Really Fulfill the Promise of Customer Centricity

In the last two years, everything has changed in digital marketing. Not only was there the obvious (the pandemic and ...

MarTech Optimization

What It Takes to Become Salesforce Certified

At Shift Paradigm, we believe investing in employee education and training pays off in better service for our ...

MarTech Optimization

How to Succeed with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As a digital platform architect for Shift Paradigm, Heather McCullough is a subject matter expert in Salesforce ...

MarTech Optimization

A Behind the Scenes Look at Top MOPs Leaders’ MarTech Stacks

In our recent

MarTech Optimization

The Perfect MarTech Stack, at Various Revenue Stages

While variability always exists between organizations—and therefore variability in their technology ...

Customer Data Platform Implementation

Customer Data Platform (CDP) Vendor Comparison Tool

While variability always exists between organizations—and therefore variability in their technology ...

Customer Data Platform Implementation

How Marketing Data Should Flow Through Your MarTech Stack – A Precursor to CDP

Marketers are rarely data experts, but the best marketers I know have a keen handle on their data. I’ve personally ...

Compliance & Governance

Apple’s “Mail Privacy Protection” is an Earthquake for Email Marketers

Apple introduced new privacy features at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in June, and they will have an ...

Marketing Performance Management

Center of Excellence: The Tool of Great Marketing Teams

The term Center of Excellence (COE) seems like it only applies to large organizations, but in our experience with ...

Compliance & Governance

What is CCPA?

This is part 1 of a 2-part series from Chris Arrendale. To view part 2 of this series please see ‘

Recruiting & Hiring

5 Interview Questions to Ask Your Next Marketing Automation Hire

Most people hiring for marketing automation experts don’t have the platform expertise to uncover a true expert from ...

Customer lifecycle

The Quick and Dirty of the Marketo Lead Lifecycle

Marketing terms evolve quickly and without any governing body to help organize, vet and evangelize for them. The ...

Compliance & Governance

What Are DMARC, DKIM, and SPF?

DMARC, DKIM, and SPF represent more than technical email setup. If ignored or incorrectly configured, they negatively ...

Needs & Gap Analysis

How to Become a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

If you are passionate about the field of marketing and enjoy the role of a leader, you may find yourself asking, ...

Recruiting & Hiring

Key Strengths Every Modern Marketing Team Needs

Skill-based assessment seems like the best approach for hiring marketers. Surprisingly, in our work with thousands of ...

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